Narayan G. Maharjan

Narayan G. M.

Programmer / Music Lover

I am Java enthusiast, a freelancer software developer. I love to develop Websites, Desktop Softwares and Mobile Applications.


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Work Experience

  • XXCell Ltd. (CBTS)
    2016-Present USA, OH

    Cloud application deployments, CI/CD management, Finegrained privileges assign for application and security. Specialized in Java,Nodejs deployments at CloudFoundary based framework Predix in AWS Infrastructure. Overall hardware firmware development to web application using the latest tech stack for delievering stability and performance to IOT devices.

  • ObjectWheel Inc.  
    2014-2016 USA, CA

    Mainly I worked on the deployment , package distribution of the software called Objectwheel and overall new library for social network was developed. Also worked on side web-projects related with API system using JavaEE.

  • Anahata Technologies Pty Ltd
    2013-2014 AUSTRALIA, WA

    Creating POS system and customer driven software using JavaFX and JavaEE on multi-tier architecture. Specially worked on in-house framework developed by Anahata.

  • Himalayan Glacier  
    2010-2013 NEPAL

    Worked on making complex SQL for quering large data and creating optimized tables and database for the lead system of the company. Making the web software of lead management system for travelling sector.

  • TARANT   Project Contract
    2014 Jan – 2014 Aug

    worked as CSS coder and JavaFX Develoeper for making the application UI more interactive.

  • African Legend Indigo   Project Contract
    2013 Jul - 2014 Jan AFRICA

    I designed the software for Course Management System . This software helps to create new software pack containing course materials with videos, audio, web, pdf and word contents for the student.

  • EntireJ   Project Contract
    2013 Apr – 2013 Oct SWITZERLAND

    Developed a JavaFX version of EntireJ plugin in eclipse IDE . This software decouples the GUI from the business application and easier to use.

  • VARION GmbH   Project Contract
    2013 Mar – 2013 Jun GERMANY

    I was hired to make the ORDER MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE from Java. I have implemented the whole java application and it's GUI tied to WSDL Service from their server. I found Indra Mainz more generous and proficient on managing this project and testing the software. It was really amazing to work with him from the Freelancer sourc

  • HealthEngage Corp.   Project Contract
    2012-2013 USA

    Worked on reading the glucose reading meter by the help of diabetic device all in Java and started developing overall website for the readings data statistics and profile, Specially this was for the diabetic user groups all over the world. Migrating of old Database with different structure to Drupal CMS framework.

  • Webnep IT Solution   Project Contract
    2008-2011 NEPAL

    Worked on making desktop application using Swing for local market in Kathmandu. Made few software like Stock Management, IP Tracking etc.


  • NoUse School

    Pragya Higher Secondary School, Galkopakha

  • Super Useless College

    National College of Computer Studies , Paknajol

  • Under Graduation

    Sikkim Manipal University on B.Sc.IT

  • Post Graduation

    Sikkim Manipal University on M.Sc.IT

Place I live

Samakhusi, Kathmandu, Nepal

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About Me

I love to work, so don't be shy, i am just an email away.

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